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Heres what we have to offer you

To combat the damage of chemical treatments, coloring, heat styling and environmental pollution we recommend deep-conditioning your hair on a regular basis. This will help replenish lost moisture and keep locks shiny and resilient.  Check out our SPECIALS for an opportunity to save on our healthy hair care products!. We also provides ethnic hair styles and care in the Marietta, Georgia area.  Specializing  natual hair styles and maintence for the every day .  Listed below are some of the following services we provide for our clients.
  1. Relaxers
    A relaxer is meant to soften and relax naturally curly hair. Results will vary depending on the type of curl your hair has. Relaxer will soften the curls in the hair making your hair wavy or completely straight
  2. Brazilian Keratin Treatment
    The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary process that softens, shines and straightens hair. The treatment is gentle, gentle enough to be used on children. The treatment is natural, Keratin is a natural substance that comprises approximately 88% of your hair. The treatment is healthy, it penetrates the hair repairing internal damage, and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results are smooth, silky, shiny, straight hair
  3. Wash & SET and Deep Conditioning
    Enjoy reflective shine, radiant color and a silky touch as A&G's exceptional deep conditioning services envelope each strand of, adding increased strength, elasticity and body.
  4. Women's and Men's Braiding
    Braids is where three or more setions of your hard interlacing each other. You can add in extra hair and yard to add length of the braid. Sizes of a braid can be referred to as a box or individual braid for the larger braid. While the smaller braid can go from a microbraid to an invisible braid. + Cornrows are braids that is braided closely to the scalp. Usually braided straight back from the front of the head to very complexed detailed designs. This is a popular braid is worn by men, women, and children. + Twists are two strands that is twisted together usually adding in extra hair or yarn to the hair. You can also obtained twist by taking a comb sectoning of a part of hair and twisting the hair. Worn by both men, women, and children. + Sew-Ins/Weaves is where your natural hair is cornrowed to your scalp while tracks of extensions is then stitched to the braid. You can your whole head of hair or leave some out. Mainly depends on the style one is tring to avheive.