A&G Dominican Salon

Hair Salon

Hair, Up do, Hidratation Treatments. You name it is done  here at A&G Dominican Salon we have it all...

We tease to plese....

All the very best treatments on the market.

Hair Care

We Care About Your Hair…!
Our service reflects our commitment to individual healthy hair care. It is evident in our techniques and in the products we choose to use.
Our styling practices and products are utilized to prevent damage to the hair when styling. We do not believe in style at the expense of a healthy head of hair. Our focus is ALWAYS on healthy hair.
All hair types (curly, straight, wavy, and coarse) can benefit from our hair care regime. Should you have any additional questions about A&G not hesitate to contact us.

All the latest Styles

We use select lines of products commonly used in Dominican Salons including Salerm, Alter Ego and Silicon Mix as well as indigenous Dominican products.  We also carry organic shampoos and conditioners. The products we choose to use are those which nourish and repair the hair.
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